BLS Blended Heartsaver Adult/AED   Course fee: $50.00

CONSISTENCY Blended and eLearning training ensures all students learn all topics necessary to help increase survival rates. Research has shown more consistency in training.

CONVENIENCE Time in Training Centers’ classrooms is minimized as only the hands-on skills session needs to be completed in person, instead of tying up classroom time for the entire course. Training is completed mostly on the student’s schedule which leads to increased satisfaction

BENEFITS STUDENTS • Learn on their own time • At home or on the go on their preferred desktop or tablet device • At their own pace, can review topics difficult for them, and improve chances of high performance at skills session (blended learning) and in real life situations • CE credit is available for all of these courses.

BENEFITS ORGANIZATIONS • Overcome scheduling obstacles • Reach remote employees • Provide consistent training • Instructors focus on important psychomotor skills practice and training to ensure the student is able to perform • Multiple options for managing courseware and integration with systems/HR/compliance • Technology is taking training in new directions and our students are choosing to learn in new ways. Adoption of Blended & eLearning shows an organization’s understanding of their different learner types.

Once you have completed the online portion of the program call and schedule your hands on portion.