Aya Fouda

One paragraph can not tell the story of a great learning experience at IQ Dental. I wanted to write a review of the institution to let everyone know how happy I’m that I have chosen IQ to study for radiology and infection control.

It starts with the welcoming environment that lifts away the considerable tension and fear from the difficulty of the subject especially for those who changed careers later in life.  The warm climate and the professional staff and the friendly knowledgeable teachers especially Sarah Siroka  that promotes a pleasant learning experience despite the pressure to perform and the expectation from the students to excel and learn. Sarah delivers the best support that made failure is not an option. She is always there to guide, educate and support in so many different ways that makes you feel that the school had customized their program to fit everyone’s way of learning.

I can not express my immense gratitude and appreciation for the school and for Sarah for her dedication to make my learning experience a life changing experience. I highly recommend this school for anyone who is looking for radiology and infection control license simply because this school realizes not all students are created equal and they go out of their way to prepare all students at their own pace to pass the exam at the 1st attempt.  Thank you Sarah and thank you IQ Dental for having someone like her in your staff.