Prospective Students

Admission Requirements

In compliance with the Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners, IQ Dental shall only enroll a candidate who at the time of admission meets or exceeds the following requirements described in Subchapter 19 7:28-19.11:

1. Is of good moral character

2. Has successfully completed a four-year course of study in a secondary school (high
school) approved by the State Board of Education or passed an approved equivalency test

In addition, IQ Dental requires the following:

1. Criminal Background Check (IQDental Background check also includes education verification, including foreign educational credentials)

2. Proof of high school diploma or GED is required. Foreign transcripts must be translated/evaluated to be shown the equivalent of at least a United States High School education. Background check will verify attendance at foreign facilities, as well.

3. Students must be 18 years of age to apply to become licensed in dental radiologic technology, therefore, the applicant must be eighteen years of age or older at the time he/she enrolls in the Dental Radiography Program.

4. Applicants must meet the admission criteria set forth by the school on this document and in the entire Student Handbook.

5. Accepted applicants must agree to and sign the Enrollment Agreement for Dental Radiology.

6. Applicants must complete all tuition payment requirements, once background check has been completed, and student is approved.

***The majority of the didactic portion of this course is delivered in our online classroom at
Students will need access to the following:

· Internet
· Microsoft office (if students wish to download materials)

Moral Character Statement

IQ Dental Education requires all prospective students to submit to a background check

Perspective Students will be issued a $75.00 application fee, which will allow for the necessary background check.

Background Check will include:

· SSN Trace · County Criminal Search

· Federal Criminal Search

· Multi-State Criminal Search

· Sex Offender Search

· OIG/SAM Healthcare Sanctions

· Education Verification see below**

Once the report is approved, students will then be prompted to choose a schedule that best suits their needs.

IQ Dental Prides itself on Professionalism, and produces a high standard of Dental Radiology Technicians into the Dental Industry.

*The Dental Assisting National Board has an addition moral character questionnaire that will need to be submitted for the application to take the Radiation Health and Safety Exam.

** The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection also has additional moral character statements in the application for examination or license in limited Radiography.

***IQ Dental does require proof of graduation. Copy of high school diploma or GED will need to be provided prior to enrolling in a class. Foreign transcripts must be translated/evaluated to be shown the equivalent of at least a United States High school education. Background check will verify attendance at foreign facilities, as well.

Program Policies

Grading Policy – Graduation Requirements:

A grade of 75% or higher is required in each of the following components:  Didactic Grade-

· Online assessments/homework

· In house testing/quizzes must receive a score of 75% or higher to proceed

Lab competency grading

· 14 competencies that will be practiced and then tested on

Final exam (may only be taken after successful completion of the above)

· Written Exam with a passing score of 75% or higher

· Laboratory Full Mouth Series; choice of bisecting or paralleling

· One set of bitewings using the bisecting angel technique

*All above grades will be published to students prior to starting clinical component.

100% of the clinical objectives must be met to pass this portion; Clinical component (may only be taken after successful completion of the above) · Fulfillment of required exposures  · Doctor evaluation

Credits for Previous Training/Credit Disclaimer

IQ Dental is not affiliated with any other education institutions, therefore does not accept credits from previous training. In addition, IQ Dental is not approved to offer college credits to any other institution.

Student Transcripts

Student records are maintained by the school Director and are available for review by the student at any time. All records are private and are handled with confidentiality. Upon graduation, students will be given a copy of their records. These records should be maintained indefinitely by the student. Student records will be maintained by the school until the school closes. At that time, records will be forwarded to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Make-Up Work

Students at IQ Dental Education are required to attend all online lectures, as well as in person Laboratory class days.

Daily online assignments will receive a 10 point deduction per day late, up to the next in person scheduled lab day.

Once materials have been tested in house, no past assignments will be accepted.

*Students must pass each week with a 75% or higher. If the average does not show at least 75%% competence, students will need to repeat the weeks work, when next offered.

Probation Policy

 The State of New Jersey Requires Radiology students to meet a minimum of 75% to pass the Dental Assisting National Boards Radiation Health and Safety Exam for Licensure. IQ Dental Education requires students maintain a 75% at minimum to move forward in the program, thus improving the students success rates. Any student who does not successfully complete assignments, labs or tests with the appropriate average will be required to repeat the week’s lessons, ensuring information is understood before moving on to new information.

Incomplete Grades/Program Withdrawal

  Students who withdraw from the program will be given a “W” on their transcript. The course is not broken down into subjects, there is only one grade given for the program. If a course is not finished, the student will be given an incomplete, “I” until officially withdrawing from the program. Students who with withdraw from the program will be required to retake the course. Students are responsible to officially withdraw from the program, in writing to be considered for future re-entry.

Attendance Policy

Students must complete all course requirements and must achieve a minimum passing score of 75% or greater. Students are expected to attend every class session for which they are registered. Attendance is taken, recorded, and maintained for each course by instructors.  Online attendance is recorded, daily. Students are required to participate in Case Study discussions at minimum once a day to be credited for their attendance. Lessons are laid out 4 days a week and require active participation Daily online assignments will receive a 10 point deduction per day late, up until the next scheduled lab day. Once materials have been tested in house, no past assignments will be accepted.1 day a week is scheduled for lab. There are only 5 lab days scheduled for this course and each one is MANDATORY. There will be no exceptions. Any tests given on these days will not be offered if missed.

**If a student fails and chooses to reapply for the course, tuition and other fees will be required. 

**Failure to attend online classes or lab days will result in a failing grade. 

Tardiness Policy

IQ Dental Education is preparing students for a career in dental health. We encourage students to treat each lab day as a day in the field, therefore arriving late to class is unacceptable. It is disruptive to the teacher, fellow students and interrupts the very specific timeline required to gain all of the information necessary to succeed.

Students who are late are required to spend additional time with the instructor to assure the student is knowledgeable in the information. Students who miss more than 1 hour of lab will need to repeat the week, and will in turn extend their program.

IQ Dental Education advises students to arrive 15 minutes early for lab days, as they will need to do once working in the dental field.

Refund Policies

  There is a non-refundable registration fee of $75.00. Tuition will be refunded on a pro-rata basis calculated via weeks completed. The student will be responsible for 100% of the cost of books, lab materials, online course materials, and other costs as mentioned on page 12. If the National exam has not been taken, at time of withdraw, a refund will be given for the national exam.

Leave of Absence

There is no Leave of Absence status for IQDental Students.

**Extreme cases will be reviewed on individual cases


If a student voluntarily declares pregnancy in writing, while a student at IQ Dental requires a note from the student’s doctor allowing them to participate. Radiation exposure and the risk during pregnancy requires students to wear personal monitoring devices at waist level if the student choses to complete the program, while pregnant. Monitoring report will be provided within 7 days of being in IQ Dental’s possession.  Please see Radiation Requirements in the Clinical Education Policy for more detail concerning Radiation exposure

Termination Policy

IQ Dental reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment when:

· Financial agreements are not kept

· Attendance and grades do not meet state minimum

· Students are destructive to other students, employees or property

Reinstatement Policy

Any students wishing to re-enter needs to send a request in writing, stating how their re-entry will end successfully. If approved the student will be permitted to select a schedule that best meets their needs.

Code of Conduct

IQ Dental does not offer suspensions or probation. Any unacceptable behavior as described above will result in termination.

Personal Property

IQ Dental will not assume responsibility for any lost or damaged property.

Substance Abuse

Any chemical substances found will result in termination.

Authorities will be notified, if appropriate

Dress Code

IQ Dental Education encourages students to dress professionally during their in house class/ lab time.  Ex. Business casual

Scrub tops are provided.

* Cell phones will not be permitted during labs, testing or during clinic hours.

Dispute Resolution/Student Complaint and Appeal Process

Any student at IQ Dental Education that has a complaint, or would like to appeal a dismissal must request an appointment, in writing, for an interview with the school coordinator, Tracy Marsh or President Sergey Kunin. If the student is being dismissed the letter must be received within 5 business days of dismissal to be considered for re-admission.

The following information is required:

-Student’s full name, last four digits of their social security number and current address

-A statement of the concern including dates, time, instructors, and if applicable, other students.

-Date of complaint letter and signature of the student

-Three (3) dates in which the student would be available for a meeting with the school director. These dates should be within ten (10) business days of the complaint.

The student will be notified in writing of the decisions resulting from the meeting within five (5) business days of the meeting.

“In the event of an unannounced school closure, students enrolled at the time of the closure must contact the Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Training Evaluation Unit within ninety (90) calendar days of the closure.  Failure to do so within the ninety (90) days may exclude the student from any available form of assistance.  The contact number to call is (609) 292‐4287.”